Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Puppy meets Factory Girl

It feels strange tottering off to the office today to commence a three day week. I had an amazing long weekend catching up with friends and family, brunching, beaching and burlesquing. I also took to some furniture and commenced interior design project "factory girl", in which I am using my decorator skills procured when I used to do interior styling for Loot Homewares, to create my dream apartment. Because one day I woke up and thought, why am I not waking up in a fabulous apartment fit for the reincarnation of Edie Sedgwick?

They'll be more to come soon on project "factory girl" but for now, here are some pictures from my latest shoot with Ra Ra Superstar featuring the most adorable cavalier king charles spaniel there ever was.

Photos by Laura Seeds
Makeup by Sarah Storer