Saturday, May 17, 2014

Elwood strolls

Good evening sweetharts. I've been in Melbourne for a week, where I've already marvelled at the fashion, the trading hours, the food, the public transport and the ability to find something new and exciting to do when you need it. This week alone there have been multiple festivals, exhibitions, restaurants openings, film premieres and runway showcases all about the city.

Today I decided to explore the wonderful worlds of Degraves Lane in the city, and Elwood down by the beach. We had a delightful breakfast at Lorca in the city before heading over to Elwood to pick up the keys for my new apartment and check out some of the beautiful boutiques, grocers, florists and organic produce cafes. Here we popped into Combi organic cafe and coffee shop. It was absolutely delicious and I highly recommend.

Jumper & Dress - Asos
Bag & Socks - Forever New
Shoes - Famous Footwear