Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's Almost Brunswick

Brunswick! Brunswick. Brunswick? Whatever you think about Brunswick, let me tell you I have no expectations as to how good or bad the suburb is. I still haven't been. I know right, hopeless. I've been in Melbourne for two weeks and still haven't been to Brunswick or to Fitzroy either! I have however been to Brunswick East, which I'm going to give myself half a point for. Brunswick East is home to one of most recognised Burlesque Academies in Melbourne Bottoms Up as well as a whole road practically dedicated to caffeine and florists. Yesterday I walked the length of Lygon Street in Brunswick East, taking in my surroundings and detouring for a couple of hours for a casual class at the academy and some brunch at Small Block.

On Friday a delightful little jumper arrived in the mail from the gorgeous girls at Pop Cherry Boutique. It appears my mum isn't the only person concerned that I'm going to catch a cold in Melbourne. Of course I wore the jumper straight away during my adventures yesterday, but the ironic thing is, I ended up pairing this warm pom pom goodness with my Mink Pink faux leather shorts and Nine West shoe boots. So many lovely compliments from Melbournites! I love how people just approach you no matter where you are or who you're with and strike up conversation down here. I'm already making friends and it's only week two!