Friday, May 2, 2014

Wanderyear Announcement

By the end of this month, Fashion Sweethart will no longer be honouring a Brisbane postcode! I've decided to take my Wanderyear one step further and move to one of the locations I've explored over the part four months.

It's no surprise I am absolutely infatuated by cooler climates, theatre and weekly adventures. I'll admit that my decision to move from Brisbane has been coming for a while now and is for multiple reasons but primarily career focused. The only things I have against Brisbane are the humidity and the ban on house rabbits, so don't feel for a second that I'm running away, I'm merely going on another adventure, to Melbourne!

If you're a Melbourne reader, creative artist or not, send me a line on as I'll need all the Melbourne tour guides I can find. Living in the same city for ten years has certainly had its advantages.

Photo by Laura Seeds
Coat & Playsuit by Asos
Boots by Zara
Ears by Dotti