Sunday, June 1, 2014

Housewarming with Eva Q

To celebrate the start of winter, here's a little project I've been working on.

It didn't take long before I started meeting with Melbourne creatives, throwing ideas back and forwards over a cup of tea and gushing over each others experience within the industry. When I first decided to move to Melbourne my greatest fear was that no one would talk to me, that I'd remain a stranger. Alas, I am not a stranger and I have already met some incredible people. It may take a while to have a social network quite like those I have in other places I've lived, but it will come and I have no issues with taking my time, being selective and finding the best batch I can.

Last Sunday, having been in Melbourne for a total of two weeks, I was back in the makeup chair, getting primed and ready for my shoot with fabulous designer Eva Q. The theme for our collaboration focused on having someone new to town, who put the word out to the neighbourhood about a house warming at her apartment, and yet no one showed up. Thankfully, this has not been my own personal experience, probably because I haven't had a house warming yet. I'm still yet to buy a new-antique sofa!

Here is the first look from our project, and as the project unravels you'll be sure to see how I would treat this situation should it arise once that sofa is mine. Oh, and if you were wondering, yes these were taken in my new apartment.

Eva Q Design
Photography by Samxsam image
Makeup by Kristy Wild