Sunday, June 15, 2014

Swing the night away

Last night was my first time out dancing in Melbourne with my friend Zachary. We went to various parts of the CBD and Northcote, dancing the night away amidst mocktails both cool and warm. One of the places we ventured to was Madame Brussels, a delightful rooftop bar that makeup artist Kristy Wild recommended I check out. Kristy said that she saw me at a quirky cocktail bar, after watching me spin around in this darling Eva Q design, during our project for the brand.

This is the last of our project, a beautiful dual layered piece, made by hand and a favourite for bridemaids near and far. Eva regularly provides pieces like this one to bustling brides and their parties to glide down the aisle and swing the night away.

Makeup by Kristy Wild
Photography by SamxSam Image
Dress by Eva Q Design