Monday, June 23, 2014

Visit: Acland Street, St Kilda

I've well and truly settled into my new city, and it probably helps that I'm in the most amazing suburb ever! St Kilda has so much to offer, from the night life, to the beach, to Luna Park, the shopping, the markets and I mustn't forget... Acland Street, home to some of the most incredible delis and patisseries I have ever seen! In the summer time when I visited St Kilda before moving down, the beach was crammed and people flocked to the icecream parlours. Now, as winter has definitely set in, I'm finding the beach very quiet, as everyone changes direction towards the warmth of the cafes and the sweets that are sure to satisfy. i recommend, should you be in Melbourne, you have to head down to Acland St for coffee and cake. It's an unmentionable amount of calories you'll certainly not regret.

Featured: Europa Cake Shop
Photographs by John Penny
Makeup by Areta Kristi
Jacket from Forever New. Jeans from Mango. Backpack from Asos. Boots from Milan.