Monday, July 7, 2014

Located: My Favourite Melbourne Monument

When in Italy my energy was spent finding the monuments I had read about, taking dorky #selfies with them and hoping a restaurant serving risotto and cafe freddo was nearby. Since moving to Melbourne there have been many adventures, to places of note; markets, shopping districts, museums, animal parks. There has been a focus on getting lost within "Melbourne Culture" and so many times I have looked at buildings and monuments on my way to something new, fresh and on my "itinerary" for the day.

Last weekend, on my way to a flea market, I was day dreaming out the window, when suddenly my eyes came across the Shrine of Remembrance. This shrine (a beautiful building that was originally erected across from Victoria Barracks to pay homage to those who fought in WWI but has since catered for many more veterans and their stories) had been sitting at the bottom of my to do list, and was continuing to be pushed back each time I received a new event brochure of note in my letter box. It was a somber day, and had been raining for the past couple of hours, a light drizzle not uncommon for Melbourne, though somehow underneath the clouds the Shrine kind of had a fierce fiery glow surrounding it. I had to check it out, rain, hail or shine, so I got off the tram before my planned endeavour and enjoyed a couple of hours exploring the shrine and its surrounding gardens.

Absolutely magnificent! The sun even came out for a short time so I could take my dorky #selfie and some images of the view from the top of the building. It just goes to show that an amazing thing, that people travelling find so very important and exciting, could be right under your nose, out the window of a tram, or adjacent to your regular coffee haunt. Take a look at your surroundings. There may be something worth rainchecking for.

This building is by far my FAVOURITE Melbourne Monument.

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