Friday, August 22, 2014

Jemima and Friends

One of my favourite places in Melbourne has got to be Albert Park lake. As it's only a stones throw away from my apartment, and a hub home to birds, dogs, sportsmen and tourists alike, the lake is the perfect place to relax on a Saturday morning with an almond latte from my favourite hole in the wall GB Espresso. I've gotten into a little routine of sharing the aged remains of my bread stocks with my feathered friends, as I'll rarely finish a whole loaf before it begins to transend into unedible territory. The ducks are the closest thing I have to my own pet as I left my gorgeous puppy Mia with my parents in Brisbane back in May. I have already established a special little friendship with a white paddle duck, the only one of her gorgeous kind in amongst the other species and the black swans. I have named her Jemima, after the character in Peter Rabbit.

Photographs by Lexi Wittke
Forever New hoodie & tulle dress
Sportsgirl printed stockings
Big W heeled boots
Asos backpack