Friday, September 5, 2014

Brought to you by The Colours of Spring

It's Spring time in Melbourne, and as the flowers start to itch my eyes and the layers start to come off, I'm preparing for an influx of lively colour in my wardrobe. I've also done the inevitable hair revamp, returning to my brown locks, fresh for the new season.

Whilst the collections of MBFW and MSFW are circling around white and soft tones, I've never really been someone to stand in a crowd, so I'll be sure to add a bit of sparkle, shine and colour to my crisp white ensembles. This shawl is one of my favourite statement pieces for the upcoming Spring/Summer season.

Photographs by Alessia Ferraro

Kaftan - Asos
Leotard - Asos
Shawl - Ziggurat Designs
Bangles - Diva
Earrings - Colette
Rings - Sportsgirl