Thursday, September 18, 2014

Little Taste Of Italy

I'm not sure how obvious I am making it on my social media platforms that I miss Italy in all its glory. Perhaps I should up the ante a little bit more and I may just miraculously teleport to the dreamy capital of Roma. With all the dreaming, it appears I'm still here in Melbourne, and although I do love this city so very much, there's just something about the thought of Roma that brings butterflies, nostalgia and merriment all at once. I find myself more and more inclined to dress like I'm on a vacation, than how the rest of the crowd presents themselves. Some have even mistaken me for a foreigner, though when queried as to where I may be from, the responses I gather include places like France, Germany and Canada, rather than my souls paradise.

Dickybird Dress (custom design)
Sportsgirl Shirt
Asos Jacket
Dotti Hat & Scarf
Portmans Belt
Photos by Alessia Ferraro