Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Picnic Season Is Here

It feels like it has been a lifetime since I flocked together with my girlfriends at Newfarm park for a sweet valentines picnic. Winter may be one of my favourite times of year but there are some things about Melbourne winter that have made me that much more intrigued by Spring. Melbournes spring is basically the same as Brisbanes winter to be honest, really.

Firstly, people don't go out if there's any sign of rain. I have never lived somewhere where umbrellas aren't an every day necessity. Instead of packing one every day the good folk of Melbourne just don't go out in the rain. They'd rather catch a taxi than have a stroll in a rainbow.

Secondly, even when there's no sign of rain my neighbours are more inclined to spend their Saturday in front of an open fire at their regular brunch haunt than actually go out and try to soak up what sun there is. Trust me, even on the coldest of days, the sun is still there. It just may not be as glorious.

These two things restrict weekend activities, and although I do enjoy my own company, there are some things (like picnics) that are more suited for a pair or more. This is when Spring comes in. Spring has brought with it warmth, bare legs, technicolour florists and above all things, it has brought back the grand occasion of an afternoon picnic.

To break the picnic fast there was no better place to set up camp then Albert Park Lake. At only a short stroll from my adorable St Kilda residence, and home to some friendly creatures, we indulged in some sweet treats from St Kildas prized patisseries and delicatessens before breaking bread with our animal friends.

A successful picnic date, this will definitely not be the last.

Dress - Vintage (Rara Superstar)
Cardigan - Cotton On
Boots - Milan boutique
Scarf - Portmans
Headband - Evelyn Curtis
Clutch - Carpisa (Milan)
Earrings - Colette