Monday, September 8, 2014

Size Matters

I'm not often a tight fitting, figure hugging, wiggle dress kind of girl, as I'm not overly curvaceous. Instead I'm more inclined to throw on an oversized shirt or loose tunic with heels and a jacket one or two sizes larger than it probably should be. I don't hide behind clothes, but I like the feeling of a garment that makes me feel like I'm dressing up in something not intended for me.

This little set of denim overalls were on the sale rack at Sportsgirl for the low low price of $9.95. Why such a bargain? They were the only pair left and a size 16 at that. The sales assistant gave me a shocked look as I approached the change room size 16 in hand, as if intending to question my decision. Nevertheless, as anticipated, they were just the right amount of baggy that I wanted, and although I could probably fit in one of the legs, they were the orchestrator of many a compliment when I wore them in Brisbane over the weekend. It just goes to show that sometimes you need to look past the size in order to find something really great that you may have simply overlooked because you can't possibly go beyond your structured size 4 or 6.

Photographs by Jarrod Bateman
Top & Overalls - Sportsgirl
Wedges - Nine West
Sunglasses - Asos
Bag - Forever New
Scarf - Paris