Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bendigo Sunflowers

It should come as no surprise to those who know me that I travelled two hours out of Melbourne on Saturday for a bunch of Ancient sculptures. Ever since I was introduced to the Ancient civilisations of Rome, Greece, Egypt and China, I have been absolutely fascinated. Not only by the stories, myths, battles and spirituality, but also by the sheer fact that so much of it is still preserved, and yet this is only just the tip of the iceberg for what would have once been.

I stumbled upon a flyer at the National Gallery of Victoria recently, advertising an exhibition of Ancient Greek artefacts, simply coined The Body Beautiful. I was intrigued immediately, but there was one problem, the exhibition wasn't in Melbourne. It was in fact in Bendigo, a little township North West of the metropol. When I told Jarrod about it that night he was, thankfully, eager to check out the exhibition as well and so come Saturday we were on our way.

The exhibition is well worth a steaky beak, and runs until mid November. I was very thankful that we bothered to make the day trip. Being my first time to Bendigo also, there was much to see and do, from lapping up the sun at the gardens to taking a moment to take in the memorial buildings. Next time I'll stay longer, as I felt like there was so much more to take in.

I've been a huge advocate for Denim lately, and this relaxed look, pairing back a little black (faux) leather triangle dress with my fail safe jacket and Milano boots just felt right for a day of adventuring. Needless to say this ensemble was inspired by the great, internationally recognised, style superstar Kate Moss.

My bag is from a little leather goods market in Venice, Italy. Whilst in Italy last Summer my dad and I stumbled upon this quirky piece of goodness, and as a fan of owls, and their wisdom, it simply had to come home with me. It was the one and only piece of its kind and raises eyebrows each time I bring it out on the town.

I'm also very impressed with my hair at the moment, as it takes on a new personality. The fabulous thing about growing out a pixie cut is that my hair feels so fresh, healthy and nourished and I hope to keep it so. I'm also absolutely elated each time I find a new way to style it, after being somewhat deprived of that creativity for the past couple of years.

Photographs by Jarrod Bateman
Bardot dress
Asos jacket
Asos sunglasses
Colette Earrings
Bag from Venice
Boots from Milan

Ps. No weekend is complete without brunch. Before leaving from Bendigo, Jarrod and I checked out St Kilda favourite Neighbours Cafe. Well worth a visit. The coffee is awe-inspiring. It's also dog friendly, so if not for the coffee, do it for the canines.