Tuesday, October 28, 2014

History, Beats & Brunch

The more time I spend in my new home, the more I discover about this city, its past and where we as a community are headed. Its also wonderfully exciting when family or friends come to visit and I get to share some of the treats I've stumbled upon along my wanderings thus far.

Over the past weekend my awesome dad came to visit and we had alot of fun chilling out, checking out local eateries, galleries and having some good old Oktoberfest fun - more on that later.

Having seen Les Miserables latest stage production back in August, we were delighted to score free tickets to the art exhibition at the State Library.

We also made a trip to the Melbourne Museum, as Carlton to have a little steaky beak, as I had not yet been to check it out. I know, history buff and cultural gypsy I am I still hadn't assessed the Melbourne collections. I must say their range of taxidermy left me gobsmacked, as one of the largest collections I've ever seen. Absolutely amazing and so very informative. The gardens out the back of the museum, including the man made waterfalls, made for a lovely spot to take in some sun as the morning clouds parted ways.

Brunch was devoured at one of my favourite little hubs, Affogato and we snuck in an afternoon nachos at Section 8 whilst kicking back to some eclectic beats and make friends with cute puppies.

Dress - Sportsgirl
Jacket - Zara
Sliders - Dotti
Hat - Dotti
Bag - Markets
Sunglasses - Asos