Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mount Lofty

Whilst in Adelaide over the past few days, I've managed to return to some of my favourite attractions from Glenelg, to Brighton, and Victoria Square, as well as fitting in a Saturday hike up Mount Lofty (home to the best panoramic view of Adelaide and surrounds). A perfect Spring day, backpack equipped and ready to roll, it was a spectacular trek, and relatively easy to master. Besides the last 400m, where the incline becomes obnoxiously steep, the journey was quite relaxing and I would highly recommend it.

What sustenance did I pack for my trail walk? An apple, a gluten free/vegan trial mix complete with dried berries, cashews and granola, and of course lots of water. Once at the summit I relaxed with an iced gluten free soy latte before making my way back down to base.

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