Friday, November 7, 2014

Brunch Guide: Brisbane Edition

Remember when I gave you the low down on my Brunch hit list in Melbourne? Remember how I promised you there'd be a Brisbane hit list on its way? Well here it is. Ten kick-arse locations in and around the CBD --- to eat bacon, gossip with friends and fall head over heels in love with coffee all over again, like you'd been deprived of a decent blend since last weekend. Oh and of course I've been to all of them personally, and loved every single moment. Some of them, like my friends Chester Street Bakery & French Twist, have even made it to my Brisbane regulars list.

Chester Street Bakery

Comfort At My Table
Soul Bistro

Little Brew
Fundies Cafe

French Twist
Coco Bliss

West End
Mondo Organics
The Gunshop Cafe