Thursday, November 27, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: Thanksgiving Edition

A few years ago, I wrote my very own Things I love Thursday list, inspired by blogger Gala Darling and had the then-FS-team compile their own little lists to share as well. I figured that, as today is Thanksgiving in America, and although I'm not in America or American for that fact, I do have an American readership and I'll take any excuse to give thanks to the things that make me tick, here's just a small handful of what makes me smile.

Audrey Hepburn
Maxi dresses
Travel blogs
Stylish hats
Feeding Jemima & Albert
House guests
Brunch dates
Dressing Up
Cream crochet
Juicy melon fruit
Turtleneck sweaters
My GBFF Zachary
Peanut Butter
Bare feet
Afternoon picnics
Beach walks
Hidden trails
The Colour Orange
My parents
Almond milk coffee
French bulldogs
Tutu skirts
Hoop earrings
My soul sister Sarah
Double denim
Apricot paint
Live music
My brother Alex
Continued learning
Antique teacups
Faux fur coats
Fresh flowers
Red wine and tapas
Little Black Bunny Cadillac

My readers, whether you are friends, family or perfect strangers.
I appreciate you each and every day.

Photos Tillie Stevens Makeup Kristy Wild