Wednesday, December 10, 2014

White Wash Nomad

What if I could be a gypsy?
Oh! Wouldn't that be wonderful!

I'm so captivated by the tales of gypsies, maidens and roman peasants, and sometimes all I want to do is throw everything in my wardrobe out that doesn't reflect the bohemian nomadic style I aspire to....

This sweet photo set was taken at the parklands just off the st Kilda esplanade, a short stroll from my cosy minimalist apartment. I wandered about the trees as Carol followed closely with her camera at the ready. It is so liberating when I can just be free and move as I desire when capturing an outfit. I think it's the best way to encapsulate the magic a garment brings to someone.

I'm wearing one of my current favourites; a beautiful white crochet kaftan dress that Jarrod gave me. It's the perfect example of the relaxed, uncomplicated, minimalist style this gypsy craves.

Photos by Carol Shearman
Makeup by Madeleine Goldsmith
Dress by Mika & Gala
Hair piece by Diva
Boots from Milano