Saturday, January 24, 2015

Customs, Ruins & Gluten

Rome is like the big sister I never had.

She's like a family member who I love even with her imperfections.

I've been a little obsessed with Rome since high school from the history to the food, the traditions and the beautiful people. In my adolescence I had this dream of falling in love with an Italian on one of my holidays and never coming back to Australia.

I have been to Rome for every year since we first officially met in 2013, both for the summer and the winter. My attempts at italian are still laughable, though the locals humour me and some even offer me lessons. My love of red wine has increased and so has my intake of coffee. My style back home is at times inspired by the stylish women of areas such as via Veneto. I'm still searching for a best mate named Nicko.

I spent a week and a half with my sister. We brought in the new year together and she opened my eyes up to some adventures off the beaten track. These included checking out the catacombs of the capuchin monks which was surprisingly not scary at all. I think I actually used the word "Wicked" as we walked into the first decorated crypt.

This trip I returned to icons such as the Vatican museums, Spanish steps, colosseum and roman forum. I had breakfast at Harry's Bar, tea at Laduree and gelato for dinner. I walked around, getting lost in a trance, and suddenly being woken by yet another icon before me. I visited villas, estates and parks. I rolled down a hill overlooking spagna. I embraced epifana and its customs.

Whilst Rome hasn't quite cottoned on to the gluten free lifestyle, dairy free and vegan options are making waves. This is more than I can say for my visit in 2013, so I'm sure that one day I will visit and be able to order ️Gf pasta or bread. For now though I was more than happy to feast on risotto, salads and omlettes, occasionally treating myself to gelato or macaroons.

It was a perfect end to a much needed recuperation break. I had been working myself ragged leading up to Christmas and needed a little R&R, which is what Roma is perfect for. I am already looking forward to planning a return trip, to introduce Jarrod to my sister.

I've put together some photos from my time in Roma, so that you can get a taste for why I love this city so very much.

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