Thursday, January 22, 2015

Etsy Envy: Engagement Treats

I have had a couple of friends ask me recently if there is anything Jarrod and I would like as an engagement gift. Which is funny because we hadn't really thought about it to be honest, as our engagement picnic was arranged and devoured with little notice and we assumed gifts were no longer common practice. We also have a quite well equipped apartment with our combined appliances, crockery and linen; and given the size of our two-bedder we don't really want to clutter it. There are a few bits and bobs though, and with Etsy as my atlas I thought I'd share with you what our registry would look like, if we had one that is.

Stemless Bicycle Wine Glasses

Antique Film Camera

Printed Picnic Rug

Wedding Photo Album

Vintage Alarm Clock

Crochet Hammock

Indian Patchwork Quilt

I love Etsy for all the dreamy homemade and antique wonders that come out of the most unexpected places. It also makes my job of only buying Australian designed products that much easier by simply selecting to browse only Australian stores. The products above may come from in and out of Australia, but I figured, if I'm not buying, what's the dilemma?