Thursday, January 29, 2015

Surviving Lion Gorge

Jarrod and I are both leos, and thus we have this weird fascination and connection to our zodiac; the lion so we simply had to check out the recently opened Lion Gorge exhibit at the Melbourne Zoo. There were no excuses. There was no delay. On Sunday we packed our saddle bags, sunnies and sunblock and we were on our way.

Last year I went to the Melbourne zoo twice, but both times the lion enclosure was under renovation so I couldn't get up close and personal, so this time was one to be cherished. Three beautiful boys lay before us, and one even serenaded us with his big roar. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that one of them is called "Zuri".

The Happy Cabin Leotard, Princess Polly Skirt, Dotti Sliders & Hat, Sportsgirl Earrings & Sunglasses
Jacket from Munich
Bag from Rome