Saturday, January 10, 2015

Winter Wonderland

I've just gotten back from a few weeks over in Europe. I've got so many photos to share, stories to tell and lessons to pass on but before I do all that I simply need to share beautiful Oslo with you. I'm also warning you now I in no way plan on sharing my trip with you in chronological order. It's no fun that way.

Before my trip I had never seen snow. I know right? I'm 23 and I had NEVER experienced snow!!! My first experience was in Germany in December (but more on that later). Let's say Germany was a good taste tester for what I found when I headed up north to Norway, in the arctic circle, the homeland of white Christmases.

I only spent one night in Oslo, on transit between Berlin, Germany & Tromso, Norway but this night was very special, for two reasons.

It was the 25th of December
It was snowing!!!!

I curled up in my hotel watching the snow fall from my window and when the light of day came I ventured out to explore before I had to head to the airport. What you see before you, is what greeted me only metres from my hotels entrance. Isn't it absolutely beautiful? This is by far one of the most amazing landscapes I've witnessed first hand.

Featured: Hat from Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne & Asos Faux Fur Coat