Friday, February 27, 2015

Home Styling

This Guy & I have just about put the "finishing touches" on our apartment. It's been a while in the making I know, but when we decided to live together it was agreed that we wouldn't just buy any old or new pieces, they had to truly reflect us, and our personality as a couple. We're not university students living off nachos anymore. We're both adults with good jobs and we're engaged, so we've been trying to take the "grown up" approach to decorating. We also didn't want to clutter up our small apartment just to make it feel "homey" persay. You can read more about our minimalist lifestyle here.

As with many other things, when it comes to decorating, I tend to gather my inspiration from outlets such as instagram and other blogs. Today I'd like to share with you a little bit of a mood board I have going at the moment where interiors are concerned. Our apartment is much more simplistic than most of the below, but I can definitely feel it's character growing the longer we live there (it's been almost a year now).