Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Valentine: This Guy

Surprise Surprise! This Guy is my Valentine *giggles with delight*. We're in full coupledom at the moment, and it's funny because half the time I feel like a grown up because we're engaged, we live together, do the groceries together and are planning various adventures together, but then sometimes we just go to the park and run around playing catch and kiss or sit on the floor of our apartment drinking tea out of steins just because we can.

All I can say is whether we are acting grown up or like little kids, I can't possibly be anything but happy around him. Coming home to him each day makes me so excited for the working day to end and when he works late, waiting for him drives me impatient beyond belief. I am so one of those girls!... and today I don't mind who knows it because we're getting married and that's pretty brilliant and I absolutely can't wait to be his Valentine year after year for all my years.

Today my man is at work making those dollars, but I am already utterly excited for our dinner date tonight. We're both on a three week low carb cleanse at the moment (because it's easier to be on the same diet when you cook for one another) but we're making it work and it makes eating out even more interesting. You never know what you'll end up being able to eat!

A couple of weeks ago whilst shooting the Western Routes Campaign my man showed off his chivalrous nature by coming along to look after the wardrobe on set and keep the rest of the crew company whilst Tillie and I disappeared into the gardens to shoot. Tillie was lovely enough to take some photos of us after the shoot, so that This Guy would also show us how to blue steel like a pro. I hope you all enjoy.

Photos by Tillie Stevens
Makeup by Madeleine Goldsmith
Jumpsuit from Alice McCall
Shoes from Wittner