Friday, February 6, 2015

Running Around Florence

On my last trip to Italy I visited rome, Venice and Milan. I was so mesmerised by rome that my original intention to also visit florence was soon forgotten about. It was important for me then to visit Florence the next time I was in the vicinity" and I am glad I did.

Florence in a day, exploring the shopping strip, eating gelato and getting lost only to come head to head with yet another beautiful dressed piece of architecture or Renaissance art. The city of David, the Duomo and puppets.

I climbed the bell tower which over looks the city square, duomo and its surrounds for streets and streets. Anyone who has climbed the bell tower will agree with me, it may possibly be the narrowest stairwell that isn't in a playground. I can remember thanking my slim figure as I watched other tourists more stout attempt the feat. The bell tower was also a momentous achievement for me as before my trip last year I had a nerve racking fear of heights. The sense of empowerment I felt when i reached the top was well worth it, along with the nice pre-climb adrenalin. All the more excuse to fit gelato in after lunch.

The day I chose to take the train from Rome was also the eve of epifana so the streets were bustling with Befana merchandise and so many sweet treats to taste and to take. It was hard not to buy one of everything but luckily for my waistline I refrained.

Also, when I got to Florence it was a noticeable two degrees cooler that Rome, so I ducked into the good fellows at Celio to pick up a mens lumberjack shirt, figuring that I could wear it as an additional layer for the date and then gift it to Jarrod, but since landing back in Australia I've already worn it out for a night on the town, so it may just stay on my rack instead. But who knows, no one said guys can't steal their girls shirts? It was designed for a man after all.

Jeans - Sportsgirl
Shirt - Celio
Jumper - H&M
Bag - Carpisa
Sunglasses - Asos
Boots - Betts
Headband - Diva