Monday, February 16, 2015

The Villas of Tivoli

On a chilly day in January I took a day trip from Rome out to the beautiful countryside to visit the lovely villas of Tivoli. I visited both the Ancient Ruins of Villa Adriana (Hadrian's Villa) and the more contemporary Villa D'Este (Renaissance period). The latter having been inspired by the former.

It was an amazing day with some absolutely spectacular sights and the only comparison I can make for Hadrian's Villa is that of the ruins of Pompeii. This site gave me the same feeling as I had when visiting Pompeii, in everything from the baths, to the theatre and servants quarters.

The highlights of Villa D'Este
included an organ which was operated by water fountains, a walk way lined with 100 small fountains featuring monkey faces (all with different expressions) and the most awe-inspiring view of Tivoli from the apartment windows.

Dress - The Hiding Tree
Jumper - H&M
Boots - Betts