Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hobart: Photo Diary

I have so many photos from our beautiful honeymoon away in Tasmania I thought I should share a few non-descript moments from our time in Hobart and its surrounding villages.

Looking back over these photos causes me to yearn for another retreat away, even though I've only just gotten back from beautiful South Australia as well (stay tuned). It's almost as though as soon as This Guy and I get ourselves back into some disjointed style of routine we're back on a plane to another magical place full of a wealth of potential. Before we met I would often arrange to jet set off to a new place, or somewhere familiar to visit friends or family, but when you're a family of two with different schedules a little more preparation needs to be taken into consideration. This preparation has driven me to plan most of our interstate adventures for the year already, though he doesn't seem to mind too much.

Last year was a year of wander for me and this year, is the year of wander for us, not to mention I do believe that you should never stop exploring and experiencing the world around you, ever. It doesn't matter if you went there last year, are going here next year, it matters that you keep your brain stimulated, your imagination wild and your heart full of love. Experience everything you can.