Tuesday, March 10, 2015


It's amazing what a week in a different environment can do to you. For me the past week and a half has been a surreal blur of amazing scenery, animals and art, with multiple brunch dates and pots of tea to keep us rejuvenated. I have always believed that it is important to make the most of every minute of every day, but over the years my perception of how to make the most of these minutes has changed. Sometimes making the most of every minute is just to be completely present with your surroundings, and to take it all in, one sense at a time.

These photos were taken just below the peak of Mount Wellington in Hobart, the day after we got married. I felt as light as a feather and my heart was so full of love. This scarf that I picked up in Rome earlier this year was actually included in the decor for our wedding ceremony, as well as other touches from Italy, but more on that later.

Photos by Jarrod Bateman

Mango Scarf
Sportsgirl Jeans
Supre Crop
Wittner Brogues