Friday, April 3, 2015

Into The Wild: The Magic Man

No matter the season I have this unending love of denim, in all shapes and sizes, cuts and lengths. I picked up this beautiful denim dungarees pantsuit in Italy earlier this year, fresh off the rack without trying it on and was pleasantly surprised with the loose fit around my hips and torso. I don't own many curve hugging garments because its very difficult to find something that will fit all of me perfectly, so I am naturally drawn to garments just a touch too loose that glide over my curves.

I've also never really been that into frayed denim, at least not until last year when I suddenly decided that I was okay with buying garments that appeared old and haggard. It kind of fits in with that rustic nomad look I have fallen in love with in recent times.

I've had such a delightful time sharing this Into The Wild series with you. It is one of my favourite series I've ever created, thanks to two exceptional artists.

Photography - Katrina Boultwood
Makeup - Kristy Wild
Corset - Cotton On Body
Dungarees - H&M
Earrings - Sportsgirl
Hat - Asos