Friday, April 24, 2015

Taste Of Country In The City

Recently I was told about a public Farm right here in Melbourne, just four kilometres from the city centre, where you can not only engage with beautiful animals but you can also enjoy a spot of brunch in a little cafe which feels something like a farm homestead, only with bustlings of brunch advocates sharing anecdotes over green tea and poached eggs.

On Saturday, with Melbourne under an overcast haze, we put on our boots and headed over the bridge to Abbotsford to delight in a toasty brunch in the heart of paddocks filled with fresh produce and farm kids. I did order bacon (one of the only meats I actually eat) and this didn't seem too out of the ordinary until This Guy suggested we go check out the pigs in the petting paddock. It did question my brunch choices a little bit, but nonetheless, I'm not going vegan just yet (one day).

After brunch we headed next door to the Abbotsford Covent, which is now open to the public as both a gallery and a host to little coffees houses and a bakery. The architecture of the buildings was beautiful, dating back to the 19th century.

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