Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#Teambatmanwedding part two

A couple of weeks ago I shared my wedding story with you all; a story full of love, laughter and pure joy. Today, on our first month anniversary as a happily married team, I asked This Guy if he could share his story with you all, along with some beautiful images by the ever talented Elise Walsh.

This Guys Story

So I am now a happily married man, and why wouldn't I be?

I swooped in and got the girl, asked her to be my wife and married her shortly after. Our courtship could be mistaken for a new age romantic comedy but it's just our life. 

On June 14th I met my gorgeous wife for an after work latte and chat, four months later I got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife and less than four months after that we were married. All this was made possible by our desire to not waste time and because of her amazing family we had the opportunity so we said why wait.

 The day for me started very different to what I am used to, awake at 7am, shower, pop the TV on. (we don't have a TV at home) One of the funny memories I do have is sitting on the bed waiting for all the boys to arrive and watching cartoons. I'm about to do one of the most adult things you can do in life yet I'm lying on the bed watching Looney Tunes on a Sunday morning (I'm never growing up!)

 8am the boys arrive, a laugh is shared; a few at my expense to calm my nerves yet so far the only worry I have is have I packed everything I need?

 8:35am the photographer arrives, photos of me getting ready, the boys all lined up in a row, some good but most silly

8:50am the boys are off to Cascade Gardens; all items accounted for, we arrive, setup, photographer is briefed, shots, angles, brides walking route to the ceremony. This is the part where I stand on the ceremony platform and stop. I look at my hands as I rub them together and the only thing going through my mind is "don't stuff up when you repeat the legal vows Jarrod!" No nerves, no jitters, no cold feet because this decision was the happiest and most natural decision I have ever made.

 9:30am the music starts... she arrives! I see her through the luscious green ferns looking angelic in her white dress and colourful flower crown. She's being escorted by her wonderful mother and father. (I couldn't have asked for a better family in law) I give my thanks and respect to her parents and then it's just us... her hands in mine. I know our lovely celebrant is reading kind words to our audience but I can't hear a thing. I'm just gazing in to Claire's eyes as she nervously giggles and looks at our hands. Alex my charismatic brother in law stands to attention and reads a poem of love, ending with a group hug. I read my vows and repeat the legal ones... and mess up the pronunciation of my wife's middle name. Nerves... Nerves of jelly! Claire reads her vows and not too subtlety corrects me. My little brother brings over the rings with his cheeky smile I have always loved from ear to ear. The rings go on, we sign our names and we are presented as Mr and Mrs Batman. I kiss my bride... and time stops. I could have done it for hours but we had guests to celebrate with and it was definitely a time to celebrate. As for the rest of our day, we brunched, we boogied and we basked in the love surrounding us.