Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Road To Cradle Mountain

I've saved the best of our lovely Tasmanian Escape for last and here it is.

Last month, over one long day of driving (on This Guys part) we ventured from Hobart up to Devonport and back again stopping at multiple heritage towns along the way, all so we could catch a glimpse of the incredible Cradle Mountain.

We started the day with a fuel up at Battery Points Pollen Tea Room before making our way up the center of the island.

Our first stop was at Ross where we stopped to stretch our legs and pig out on the tasty protein balls we had bought from the tea room that morning. Then we took a little detour by Mole Creek to check out the King Solomons Cave which happened to be running a tour five minutes after we arrived. Goes to show, sometimes its just about the right place at the right time. I've never been to real, proper, run of the mill natural caves before so this was a big tick off my bucket list and I loved every minute of it.

Onward from the cave, we continued on to our destination, until we came across some beautiful cliff faces which we simply couldn't resist and This Guy had me out in amongst the canopies, sitting on the edge of a mountain in no time at all. Go team!

Once we arrived at Cradle Mountain we were tired, but so full of anticipation, excitement and inspiration ready for the marvel that was ready for us. It was amazing! Seriously one of, if not the greatest natural wonder I have ever seen in Australia! It was cold, the sun was setting and there was a heavy gust of wind coming from the cradle but it was absolutely mind blowing! We even made friends with a little wombat who was on his twilight stroll.

As we took in the sunset, This Guys arms around mine I couldn't help but feel so incredibly blessed and so full of life.... but I was starving! So on to Devonport for an Italian feast at Valentinos before the three hour stint back to Hobart for the night. A whirlwind of a day, but a truly memorable one which we will cherish for a lifetime.

Photos by Jarrod Bateman
Shirt - Spell
Crop - Supre
Cardi - Atmosphere
Jeans - Sportsgirl
Hat - Asos
Shoes - Sportsgirl
Glasses - Stella