Friday, May 22, 2015

Almost Famous: Autograph

Let me take you back to a cult classic. Almost Famous was released in 2000 and won two Golden Globes, as well as respect in both the worlds of film and fashion. It radiated a style of relaxed rock'n'roll, with velvet, un-managed curls, hats and fur coats.

So how would I dress Penny Lane today? For Winter I'd see her look as one with a longline fur (or in my case faux fur) paired back with tights and an oversized shirt and felt hat. She'd make the room go silent as she walked in with her un-conservative makeup choices and relaxed though obvious attitude.

In an interview with Vogue, Kate Hudson said The looks she (Betsy Heimann) created for Almost Famous were perfectly of the era. Betsy worked with Neil Young and travelled a lot in the rock world during that time, so the looks were very authentic to her experience. It’s no surprise that they have maintained that kind of longevity. I believe that Penny Lane’s signature coat, which Betsy designed, is actually on exhibit at a museum, and I think that shows how that character’s look really resonated with people.

You can see tributes to the cult classic walking the pavements in any city setting today as the weather cools and we all grab for something to warm us as we go about our daily errands. They're at music festivals, cinemas, shopping malls and on the side line of football games.

Shirt: H&M
Jacket: Atmosphere
Hat: Dotti
Boots: Munich
Photography by Kavita Singh
Makeup by Nikki Di Mateo