Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How to get past IT

We all have our tough days, where we'd rather just stay curled up in bed clutching at the doona, and not surface until it goes away. It doesn't matter what it is. It is different for everyone, but we've all got to get on with it.

We've got to get out of bed, go to work or school, feed ourselves (and sometimes others) and just get on with life, because if we don't we loose whatever else we had besides it, so why let a little thing like it get us down?

Below I've compiled a little list of things that I have tried and tested, that might help you get through that tough day and get past it.
Some are fairly obvious ones, but give them a go anyway.

Write a list
There are always things to be thankful for, so why not write them down. So you're struggling to get out of bed, but what is in your life that makes you leap out of bed? Where to start? Here's one I prepared earlier.

Turn up the music
Put on some music that makes you want to dance and dance or sing your way out of it. My favourite beats to get me up and running at the moment are Ruby Blue, Senorita and Feeling Myself.

I try to meditate a couple of times a week to keep my balance, but sometimes I need it more. I use a candle as my focus point and won't jump straight into anything right after meditation, letting the calm wash over me as long as possible. Sometimes I'll also sit down in a public place when I'm super stressed and just start meditating my way out of my current attitude, so I can get on with it.

Plan a trip
The second best thing besides holidays is planning them. So go and get inspired, write bucket lists, register with travel agents and book yourself something to look forward to so that you can remind yourself that once it is over you've got something amazing coming your way.

Dress up
I once got through a traumatic breakup by splashing on fake tan, going platinum blonde and wearing sky high heels. It made me feel damn good about myself and lifted me up out of it.

Tea dates
Meet a friend who makes you feel fabulous for a cup of tea or coffee. This is proven to make you feel loved, supported and inspired. Whether you work out solutions to solve it or you talk about something completely different, collaboration is important.

Run out your anger or frustration and push yourself to your limit, so that you not only finish feeling gross and sweaty, but accomplished. Beat your personal best or start from scratch and show the universe how far you can go.

Colour In
There are so many studies out right now that are promoting the great effects from colouring in. My current favourites are Secret Garden and Color Me Calm.

Have Sex
Endorphins. Sometimes, you just need it.

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