Thursday, June 11, 2015

Picnic At Hanging Rock

Joan Lindsay is the poster girl for turning fiction into mystery, into national culture and then some, with her international bestseller Picnic At Hanging Rock. The novel, originally released in 1967 is a thriller/drama/mystery story which takes place in 1900, when a group of school girls and their teacher go missing up amongst the ancient stones of Hanging Rock. This novel has become so much a part of folklore and an iconic piece of pop culture, that continues to not only inspire stories and culture today, but it has also opened Hanging Rock up to a wealth of tourism.

On Sunday Zachary and I headed out to Hanging Rock, just an hour from Melbourne CBD, to explore the ancient stones that are now so iconic across the globe. It was a foggy morning, and the air was crisp with expectation of rain filling the air. It felt very mysterious like we were in some sort of seventies horror classic.

Dungarees - H&M
Lace Shirt - Dotti
Cardigan - Woolovers
Boots - Novo