Monday, July 6, 2015

Girl Crush: Mimi

My girl crush this month would have to go to Mimi Elashiry. She appears so chilled, relaxed and happy in all her images. For someone who has been told by multiple agencies she's too short to model, she's definitely making a name for herself with collaborations for brands such as Spell, Alice McCall and Free People. She's also a new host on MTV, as their proclaimed "IT" girl.

I used to work for a modelling agency a few years ago and whilst I appreciate the purpose they play, the selection process actually really upsets me. When I was accepted into another agency (name undisclosed) back in 2011 it was expected that I change the majority of my image and identity so that they would actually sign me. Whilst they liked my face and figure, they didn't like my hair or skin tone, and wanted me to sign a contract that specified what dress size I needed to remain in order for the contract to remain valid. It made me feel so sick, angry and dehumanised, that I walked away from the "opportunity" and went about doing my own thing.

We are all beautiful. No one should have the right to tell you you aren't pretty enough. Surround yourself with people who lift your confidence in yourself. Practice a little self love, and don't feel embarrassed to find yourself beautiful, because if you can't find beauty in yourself you will always be searching for someone else to for you.

Go on Mimi show those agencies that they aren't the only way to get into the industry.