Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Dreaming: Dusk

I enjoy that my twenties have been a time to experiment with my personal style, make some major wardrobe mistakes but also make some fantastic styling decisions.

The past couple of years my style has very much blossomed into somewhat of a bohemian persona, even if my tomboy streak still appears every once in a while, and I really like it. I hope I don't grow tired of maxi dresses, tan boots, flower crowns and whimsical prints. They bring about a child like, dress up feel and I can't help but feel joy when styling for a brunch or new adventure.

It's not irregular for me to dream of outfits before an event or a trip away. I think of the plans ahead and how my style could pair with what I'm doing. Heels or Boots? Dress or Jeans? Flowy or cinched waist? You could say that most of my dreams are like moodboards scattered in my head. I dream of things in my wardrobe but also of things I am yet to find. My dreams often carry with them a sense of lust and wonderment. I'm creating perfect travel images and flatlays with nothing but my mind.

Photography - Tillie Stevens
Make up - Kristy Wild
Dress - Spell Designs
Shoes - Windsor Smith
Crown - Willow Branch