Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Dreaming: Loft

Here it is, my new Spring project The Dreaming. I'm pretty excited about this one and the whole concept of the shoot has been playing around in my mind for a while.

As my long term readers may have noticed I have moved away from posting continual fashion content to writing more heart felt, conversational pieces. I feel like I want to bring you into my world and be as raw, natural and honest as I can be, without giving away all of my secrets. I want to share my life, my successes, my learnings, my adventures and my happiness. When I decided to move to Melbourne, I also had this uncanny knowledge that you were coming along on the journey with me, and what a journey it has been so far!

This project was photographed in my home, that I share with This Guy and our pet rabbit, Cadillac. I haven't opened our home up to be photographed since I first moved here. Recently however, I decided it was time. This home is so bright, full of inspiration, full of our love, and yet it is also quite minimal in nature. This home is also where I often go about planning my projects, my travels and my career master plans. This home breeds my creativity, but it is also where I sleep, where I dream...

For this project I've styled a range of prints and a mix of various colours that soothe, inspire and relax me. I've also ensured that Australian designers and brands are well represented. The first look was shot in our loft style bedroom which has a floating palette bed almost the size of the whole room. I'm wearing one of my favourite pieces for this coming season, a crochet knotted skirt from Spell Designs, with (what else) a robe from Cotton On Body... and yet this is my typical lounge attire (not that we have a lounge, that's too conventional for me).

Photography - Tillie Stevens
Makeup - Kristy Wild
Skirt - Spell Designs
Bralette - Cotton On
Jacket - Cotton On