Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Dreaming: Rejuvenation

It is important to take care of ourselves from our bodies to our minds. Take the time to relax and let your body recuperate after a busy day, week or more. Repair the frays and prepare for new opportunities, discoveries and adventures. For me, I like to take some time at home every couple of days to just be still, silent, reflective and to just be. Meditation has become such a part of my routine that I notice a change in my mentality when I've gone a time without it. Sometimes if I feel stress building up I just stop doing whatever I'm doing to sit down and close my eyes for but a few moments of complete stillness and let the weight drop from my shoulders.

When at home after a long day of work I can be found in my underwear and a jumper, relaxing in my tee pee with a warm cup of freshly brewed green tea. This is how I recuperate and gives me the ability to generate more energy to play with.

Photography - Tillie Stevens
Makeup - Kristy Wild
Portmans Jumper
Lovisa Earrings