Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Big Red Uluru

This here is why so many people from around the world come to the Northern Territory. This here is something that is so very iconic to Australia, like our kangaroos and wombats. This here is a beautiful place, which simply needs to be experienced by all Australians.

Uluru, as it was originally named, is a beautiful big red rock, with so many stories to tell. It's survived some pretty amazing things, even the steps of those disrespectful people who climb it (as this is a sacred place to the Anangu people, it is requested that people do not disrupt it by climbing, however thousands of tourists still do every year, including the 35 who have died in the process).

Although I am not of Aboriginal descent, I felt a deep spiritual connection to Uluru when we were there. Over two days we explored the parklands surrounding the amazing icon, slept by a fire in swags and enjoyed the sun set and rise over the desert. The experience was beyond words.

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