Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Dreaming: Mandala

Our bedroom is a little sunroom the same width of our bed base. This room tells so much about my husband and I, and as our path changes so too with the image of the room. My favourite quilt is from India and was a wedding gift from my parents. It is a patchwork of a rainbow variety of prints. I used to have white sheets, and I often question why. White is so boring. Now I like to throw light and colour into every corner of my world.

There's a mandala wall hanging draped over the window above our heads, allowing the morning's kiss to just peak through, whilst allowing us privacy from the busy cafes that surround our abode. Beside us sit two small wooden boxes, made by This Guy, for us to adorn with our treasures; a skull planter, photo of us and candles to name a few. It is so important to build a safe space to sleep in. A place where good dreams will find you and where lounging in on a Sunday morning feels special.

Photography - Tillie Stevens
Makeup - Kristy Wild
Dress - Princess Polly
Headpiece - The Willow Branch