Friday, September 18, 2015

The Queen & The Canyon

When we first booked our holiday to the Northern Territory, we were given the option to go on a tour or do it ourselves, and the more we looked into it we decided that we'd opt for a tour experience so that someone else could worry about getting us to all the places we wanted to explore and we just had to show up. I am so grateful that we chose to do this, because whilst at some points we felt like we were on a school camp, without this tour I would have completely missed my canyon. Kings Canyon, a place I had not yet heard of, was listed on our itinerary, and on my birthday no less. We were to hike the rim of the Canyon, starting just before sunrise and trekking way into the day, with morning tea in the Canyon's mouth itself. I had no idea what to expect, except I'd need my hiking boots.

It was a magical day. The first kilometre of the hike was excruciating for even the most experienced climbers of our group, but we all managed it, and once we reached the rim to start our more leisurely trek a sense of achievement was already washing over all of us. Or maybe it was just sweat. I'd like to think it was a bit of both. It was so windy on the rim, but thankfully I had This Guy's warm shirt in my backpack and was promptly equipped for the weather.

The canyon is relatively untouched by barriers, with one bridge and some stairs as minor initiatives put in place to assist climbers. I would highly recommend the Canyon, just make sure you have a decent degree of fitness otherwise you may end up in the pool of people that are rescued every year.

Kings Canyon is an absolutely astonishing place. It was the best birthday I've had yet, in amongst nature, with my chivalrous husband carrying my backpack for me so I was more free to bounce around. Someone who truly embraces birthday celebrations, I'm already thinking about where we should go for my birthday next year. As our birthdays are only three days apart, a holiday for our birthdays every year sounds like a pretty good idea.

Dress - Mika & Gala
Shirt - Industrie
Boots - RMK
Earrings - Lovisa