Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mount Oberon

Over the past year I've really gotten the adventure bug, more than usual. I know right, how was that possible? Well, the adventure bug has a variety of personalities and whilst it used to push me to old architecture and historical sites, now I'm finding myself drawn to natural heights. Big mountains, valley and canyons to name a few. If we can climb it, without disrupting or offending a cultural people, I'm there.

Before our time in Wilson's Promontory, I made sure to research the most popular day hike, and I discovered Mount Oberon. A beautiful summit with view of the ocean, beach and mountain valley. It was sensational! The hike persay was listed at moderate to hard but I struggled to see it being anything more than an easy stride. The more we climb and hike, the greater our tolerance to inclined cardio becomes I suppose.

I'd strongly recommend a trip up Oberon if you're ever in Wilson's Promontory, only three hours drive from Melbourne.

Tree of Life pants
Supre top
RMK boots