Monday, November 23, 2015

Diamond In The Rough: Waves of Emotion

Down where the waves crash against the shore and the salt rises from the sea, I stood consumed by the ferocity of the scene. The waves would crash with a mighty roar, and then the tide would pull in and calm once again, echoing soothing tones. The ocean is much like us, full of emotion and capable of showcasing so many different personalities. When we are mad and irrational, or when we are sad and miserable, our emotions come crashing down just like the waves on the shore. When we are calm and collected, optimistic and self-assured, our emotions become soothing tides and we in turn sooth ourselves.

You may not be in control of the ocean but you can control your own emotions, the swell within yourself, and aim to pull in the crashing waves, so that they become soothing tides. Although the waves may crash at times, you have the ability to determine how long it takes to pull the tide back in.

Stand proud, tall, self-assured against the current
and embrace the control you have.

Photography by Katrina Lee Boultwood
Hair and Makeup by Kristy Wild
Dress by Spell Designs
Sunglasses by Sportsgirl