Monday, February 29, 2016

One year of adventures

Tomorrow is our one year anniversary! I wonder now has it been so long? Has it only been a year? I don't remember much about life before This Guy and I don't particularly care to think of it, because to me he is my home and before him I was homeless. I have a portable home that I can take wherever I dream of, and by the looks of the past year I've certainly taken advantage of that.

First we were in Tasmania for our honeymoon, then Adelaide shortly after, followed by trips to Canberra and Brisbane, before we were even married three months! Packing our bags in August we headed to the desert for my husband's birthday adventure, and were off glamping at Woodend, Victoria before we'd barely unpacked our bags from Uluru. Trips close to home like Lorne, Wilson's Promontory and the Grampians helped me practice my navigating skills, whilst a visit to Sydney gave our walking shoes a good workout. 

All I can say of this year, is no matter how many adventures I have had, both near and far, the greatest adventure of all has been to have this extraordinary man by my side. I can't wait for the adventures we already have planned for the year ahead, and those that are sure to somehow magically appear onto our calendar. Thank you hubby for being the perfect adventure partner, in travel, in love and in life. Happy Anniversary!