Monday, May 2, 2016

Royal Jaipur Adventures

How can I describe beautiful Jaipur, other than a place where you go to relax and soak in the atmosphere of Royal Rajasthan. We spent just over a week in Jaipur, and whilst some of that time was spent cooped up in our room with Delhi Belly, I will forever treasure the memories of the beautiful City Palace, Amber Fort and various other wonders we managed to visit. 

A few highlights of Jaipur:

Our lovely host at our accommodation arranged for a lovely local to come and treat me to a Mendhi tattoo (Henna). She couldn't speak English but she was sweet and was very gracious for $5AU tip I gave her, considering she only charged me $6AU for an hours service.

We rode a beautiful elephant up the ramp to Amber Fort. She was fifty years old and whilst I can't recall her name, I will never forget getting my ankles covered in trunk slobber as we reached the top. I was glad to hear she only treats two or three groups to a ride each morning, and then has the afternoon to relax and play in the lake.

The City Palace was beautiful and so intricately decorated, and to think that the Maharaja Padmanabh Singh still resides in the palace, we were so close to royalty, and walking through buildings filled with centuries of traditions.

The Jantar Mantar hosts the largest sun dial in the world, which was not something I was expecting to find here in Northern India. It was truly a sight to be seen.

Dress from Dissh Boutiques
Boots from RMK Shoes

Top from Bardot
Pants from Tree Of Life
Sunglasses from Ishka

Backpack from Asos

Dress from Sportsgirl
Shoes from Windsor Smith
Scarf purchased in Jaipur