Tuesday, May 31, 2016

South Island Paradise

There's just something about Hobart that draws me in, and feels like home. This beautiful city, full of creatives, full of fresh food, full of kind hearted locals. This beautiful city, surrounded by mountains and the sea, surrounded by Australia's most native animals and some imports that now call the island home.

When Jetstar had a sale recently I jumped at the opportunity to take a weekend trip to the South Island with This Guy, to recharge. We've been travelling a little of late, and for the most part it has been pretty full on, with events, catch ups with friends and family, so Hobart was just for us. On the Saturday we took the early flight from Melbourne, so we arrived just after 7am, ready to dive into a breakfast at Salamanca Place, followed by a morning stroll through the Markets, taste testing local fudge and sweets until we were well and truly full. We then took a drive up to Mount Wellington, where it had snowed only the day before but was so warm, without a single sign of a breeze in the air. It was truly the best time I've ever been atop this magnificent formation. We spent hours throwing snowballs, climbing rock faces and taking in the scenery, before we continued our day in Hobart with lunch and a local show at the Theatre Royal.

Atmosphere Coat
Spell Designs Blouse
Asos Jeans
Tree Of Life Bag
Boots from Roma