Friday, June 10, 2016

Taj Mahal Diary

Wow just wow! The Taj Mahal was just as I expected, a surreal place full of grand white marble and so much greenery surrounding the monument to bask in the beauty before you.

I did however have a mild hiccup, as I will now forever be remembered as the girl who collapsed at the Taj Mahal. Delhi belly had just kicked in and it was almost forty degrees celsius, I took a seat against the marble for a time, before standing up and gathering myself, and moving on. Then suddenly I hit the floor, only to open my eyes seconds later with dozens of people around me, snapping my photo as though I was a tourist attraction.

Whilst I may have been quite ill, I did manage to take photos of the beauty that was before me, to reflect on in the future and of course, to share with you all.