Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Metamorphosis: By The Sea

I seem pulled towards the ocean most often in times of change, in times of uncertainty and in times of awakening. For me, the sea is where I can go to seek solitude, clarity and understanding within my own soul. I go to think, and to question, and to realise the potential of the future and the learnings of the past.

Now, when I'm so close to the third trimester I can feel it deep within my bones, the ocean calls to me and I submit. I wash my feet in the current and leave my mark in the sand. I let the sun kiss my shoulders and the breeze knot my hair. I settle and discover patience, and surrender to this next chapter, with all that I have and will have in moons to come.

Photography by Katrina Boultwood
Dress - Spell Designs
Belt - Sportsgirl